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Re-registration of 40/60, 20/80 & 10/90 House Seekers in Addis Ababa

UPDATE [JANUARY 26, 2016] - Current Status of 40/60 Condominium in Addis Ababa 2016

All 147,000 people that have so far been given condominium houses and the 835,000 people that have registered for the 10/90 and 20/80 housing schemes in Addis Abeba are to be re-registered yet again, in what the city claims is an effort to clear those who are not eligible for different reasons.

This will be the second time that re-registration is taking place after the first repeat in 2013 when new people were registered along with the old ones who first registered in 2005. The 835,000 people have saved 11 billion Br in the two schemes.

Registration of those who have already taken their houses will take place to verify ownership of the houses, according to Halima Badgeba, deputy head of the Addis Abeba Housing Development Administration Agency.

There have been changes over time, such as deaths, leaving the country, or acquiring houses through inheritance, said Wondale Befekadu, head of Communication Affairs at the agency,

In the latest draw in April 2015, which awarded houses to 35,000 beneficiaries, only around 960 people are in the 10/90 category. Eight per cent of the people were unable to settle the 10pc or 20pc advance payment, according to Wondale.

The Agency will prepare 117 registration stations throughout the city, where the nearly one million people will have to present themselves physically, Wondale said, although, as Halima indicated, the decision when and how to do it has not been decided yet by top officials.

The new registration will give those in the system the opportunity to reshuffle from more expensive schemes to lower schemes, for instance, from three bedroom 20/80 schemes to one or two bedrooms. However it is not allowed to go from a lower scheme to a higher, Wondale said. All people with salaries above 900 Br a month will have to be in the 20/80 scheme even if they had first registered under 10/90 housing schemes.

Those registered in the 40/60 scheme will not have to re-register, but they can shift to 20/80 or 10/90 schemes, if they want to, said a source at the Agency. Some of the 40/60 houses are completed, but none has so far been transferred to owners because of incomplete infrastructure.

Since Round One of the condominium distribution, 147,000 people have so far obtained houses.

According to, the second growth & transformation plan (GTP II) of the agency 190,000 condominium houses are to be transferred to house seekers; from this 50,000 are dedicated to residents of the city who are going to lose their homes because of redevelopment. The agency has also plans to collect revenue of 25 billion Br from condominium houses.

In the coming five years, 10,000 people will be resettled annually for redevelopment, the Agency indicated in its plan.

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