Winning numbers for Tombolla lottery (ቶምቦላ ሎተሪ) which has a two bedroom apartment for the 1st prize, 1.3cc car with 500,000 birr bonus for second prize have now been released on July 06, 2022 (Sene/ ሰኔ 29 2014).

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Here are the winning numbers

Regular lottery will return to market on July 08 (Hamle / ሐምሌ 1). Enkutatash lottery is now on the market with 1st prize of 20 million birr, 2nd prize of 10 million birr and 3rd prize of 5 million birr.

አዳዲስ እና ትኩስ የግብይት ፤ የቢዝነስ እና የስራ መረጃዎች ለማኘት -> እንጎቻ መተግበርያን ከጉጉል ፕሌይ ስቶር ያውርዱ።