UPDATE [JUNE 12, 2018] – List of Names for 12th Round 20/80 Condominium Winners in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

11th and 12th round 20/80 condominium winners’ prices in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Condominium TypePrice per Square meter (SQM)
Studio2,483 Birr
One bedroom3,438 Birr
Two bedroom4,394 Birr
Three bedroom4,776 Birr



40/60 condominium prices as per Addis Ababa Saving Houses Development Enterprise (ASHDE) 2017 price changes is 4,918 birr per square meter.

Condominium TypeCurrent Total PriceSquare MeterInitial PriceMonthly Payment
One bedroom162,0001,033 birr
Two bedroom609,800 birr124250,000 Birr1,575 birr
Three bedroom737,700 birr150386,000 Br2,453 birr
Four bedroom826,200 birr168Was not available during the initial registrationWas not available during the initial registration


It is important to note that the monthly payment has not been updated along with the price increase. It is safe to assume that it too has also increased by the same amount.

The above prices do not include the interest rate that will be added by Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. It was reported that CBE’s interest rate increment expects two-bedroom buyers to add 91, 470 birr and three and four bedroom buyers to add 110, 650 birr and 124,000 birr respectively on the total prices that they’ve paid for the houses. These condos are located in Senga Terra and Crown sites.

You can read more on the report – Commercial Bank Adds 124,000 birr on the 40/60 condominium payment