Bunna International Bank’s gross profit grew to 625 million birr for the year ended June 2019, which is 46 percent higher compared to the previous financial year.

The bank earned a net profit amounting 461 million birr. Earning per share has reached 287 birr. Bunna Bank’s total paid up capital reached 1.8 billion birr which is an increase from 1.4 billion birr compared to last year.

The bank dispersed loans worth 8.2 billion birr up from last year’s 6.9 billion birr. The total asset of Bunna Bank grew to 10.5 billion birr from 9.9 billion birr.

The total number of depositors has reached 541,000 birr. Bunna International Bank has opened 34 new branches during the financial year concluded June 2019, which increased the total number of branches to 205.

The bank will commence on the development of it’s head quarter. Bunna bank purchased a G+3 building in Bahir Dar City, Amhara Region of Ethiopia last year.

Bunna International Bank has more than 1400 employees.