The Ethiopian Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration has increased fuel prices by almost 5 birr for Benzine and 6.50 birr for diesel. Starting from May 08, 2022 (Miazia 30, 2014 E.C) new fuel prices will take effect.

Benzene 36.87 birr/ltr
Diesel 35.43 birr/ltr
Kerosene 35.43 birr/ltr
Airplane Fuel 78.87 birr/ltr

The last price increase was on December 2021, where prices were set at 31.74 birr/ltr for benzine and 28.98 birr/ltr for diesel. The government has been spending 12.8 billion birr per month to subsidize oil prices to.

According to official statement from the government, if the government stops subsidizing fuel, Benzine prices would increase to 73 birr/ltr while diesel prices would soar to 66.78 birr/ltr.