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Cash from Any ATM

Depositors in Ethiopia can cash their account from any ATM even if it is not operated by the bank where they have deposited their savings. The long-awaited national switch system, ET Switch S. C., has gone operational today, April 20, 2016.

Et-Switch was established in 2011 by 16 banks, with 80.5 million Br registered capital.

Promoters of the project hope to see the system avail convenience in banking transactions, and payments.

After being piloted for three months, all

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Mela Electro Manufacturing Plc to start ATM Manufacture

Mela Electro Manufacturing Plc is inaugurating, the first assembly plant for automated teller machines (ATMs) in Ethiopia, introducing a new form competition to a market currently dominated by handful of foreign brands and their local representatives.

To-date local companies, such as Moti, CBM Integrates, and SSC have been in the sector representing NCR, Computer Business Machines (CBM) and WINCORE, with CBM manufacturing the Diebold brand, while the other have ATM brands called by their own names.

Giant among these local

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CBE to Award Moti Engineering for 400 NCR ATMs

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) is to award NCR, an internationally renowned manufacturer, and Moti Engineering Plc, a local IT firm, the purchase and service rendering of 400 Automatic Teller Machine (ATMs), respectively, and a three year framework agreement whereby the two partners could deliver and provide service.

CBE currently has 1,027 ATMs and plans to have a total of 3,000 by 2020.

If this award leads to a contractual agreement, which could happen in two weeks’ time, it would be the second in four months that the

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Awash Awards Moti, CBM, S2M and SS to Jointly Supply ATMs & PoS

Awash International Bank ATM ETH SwitchAwash International Bank S.C. has awarded four companies 68 million Br worth of contracts for the supply of 150 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and 600 Point of Sales (PoS) machines.

The ATMs will be worth 63.5 million Br and the PoS 4.5 million Br.

CBM Integrates Plc and Moti Engineering will supply the ATMs while SS

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Nib International Bank Now Accepting Visa Card

Nib International Bank NIB Ethiopia LogoNib International Bank (NIB) S.C. has added Visa Card services to the MasterCard accommodation it already has, making the service accessible from 70 automated teller machines (ATMs) and 100 point of sales (PoS) terminals last week.

It is the third bank under the umbrella of Premier Switch Solution (PSS), S.C. to introduce the

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Bunna International Bank Opens Bid for ATM and POS Purchase

Bunna International Bank S.C. (BIB) has for the first time opened a bid document for the purchase of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and ATM cards as well as Point of Sale (PoS) machines.

“We believe it is time for the Bank to integrate such technologies to its service,” said its President, Eshetu Fantaye.

Accordingly, it will have 15 ATMs, 6,000 ATM cards and 100 PoS machines at the end of the purchasing process.

The system will be integrated with ET-Switch system and piloted, Eshetu told Fortune.


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CBE Awards $3.1m Contract for Supply of ATM Machines

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has finally awarded NCR, an international supplier of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) the contract to supply 400 ATMs.

Unlike previous tenders where local companies supplied the ATMs, this bid left one local company, Moti Engineering Plc, with the role of support, maintenance and supply of spare parts, with the machines being directly shipped from the factory.

This new tender came after the cancellation of the same bid, which took place in January, 2015. During this tender, three IT firms,

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CBE Awards 16.4m Br for Supply of 2,000 POS Machines to SS Communications

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has awarded a 16.4 million Br bid for the provision of 2,000 Point of Sale (POS) machines to a local IT vendor SS Communications.

The tender for the supply of the POS machines was floated in February 2015 and opened on March 10, 2015 in the presence of all bidders, according to Ephrem Mekonnen, communications director at the Bank.

A previous bid for the supply and installation of the POS machines was cancelled, because the companies that responded to the tender were unqualified.

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Eth-Switch to Begin Pilot Trial

The much anticipated Eth-Switch, which is expected to centralize all banks’ online real-time and electronic (CORE) banking solutions, is to commence its pilot project on May 28, 2015.

Banks such as Oromia International Bank S.C (OIB) have been working with us, Bizuneh Bekele, CEO of Eth-Switch told Fortune, but declined to name any of other banks that are engaged in the actual process of integrating their system with Eth-Switch.

The project will have two phases: the first phase is the one that will be launched as a pilot

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Eth Switch Inches to Pick ATM Card Printing System Provider

Eth Switch S.C is considering financial offers from two different companies that are nine million Birr apart for the supply and installation of the same ATM card printers with different software.

Four IT vendors had responded to the initial tender floated by Eth Switch on November 9, 2014 for the supply, implementation, and technical support of card personalisation machine. The four companies were the aforementioned two, including SS Communication (SSC) and Boston Plc. A financial opening for the four companies was held on November

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