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Ministry Rations Imported Edible Oil, 40m litres Monthly

The Ministry of Trade (MoT) has rationed the 40 million litres monthly import of edible oil among nine businesses which were previously selected.

The nine businesses include three endowments, one government and five private companies. The MoT selected these out of 300 businesses which had been engaged in the importation of edible oil, of which 70 were still active when the ban was imposed.

Recently, the government decided to lift the ban which had been in place since 2011, preventing private companies from importing edible

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Government to Lift Ban on Private Companies’ Import of Palm Oil

The government, which has been reassessing the ban on the importation of palm oil by private companies, in effect since May 2011, is to lift the ban beginning August 6, 2015.

The lifting of the ban will still preclude the participation of previous major importers such as Get-AS International, Camel Trading Enterprise and Country Trading.

These were among the six major importers along with Al-Sam International and AHFA Plc, who had collectively imported 13 million litres of palm oil in 2011, which the government took from

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Ministry of Agriculture to Re-Establish Coffee & Tea Authority

The Ministry of Agriculture(MoA) is collecting comments on a draft regulation to re-establish an authority for coffee and tea development years after a similar body was discarded as irrelevant.

The new body, to be called Coffee & Tea Development & Trade Authority, will not be any different from the now defunct Coffee & Tea Authority, which was abandoned by the government seven years ago, said Fikru Amene, coffee development director at MoA.

The Authority was abandoned with the introduction of the Ethiopian

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Four Coffee-roasting and Grinding Companies Suspended from Purchasing Export Standard Coffee

Three months after the Ministry of Trade (MoT) suspended four coffee-roasting and grinding companies from purchasing export standard coffee; it is yet to take any further measures.

Aster Bunna, Jalanera Coffee Export & Farm Plc, Safu Trading and Tar Trading are the four companies that MoT found trading export standard coffee in its investigation in January, 2015, Getahun Bikara, director of Coffee Marketing at MoT disclosed. But the ban applies to all companies involved in a similar business.

MoT has restricted the

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