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Ethiopian Airports Enterprise Finalizes Two Airports’ Runway

The Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE), which recently merged with Ethiopian Airlines, has completed the construction of Shire and Jinka airport runways with a cost of 971 million Br, raising the number of operational airports to 20 in the country.

The completion is announced in the midst of the integration of the Enterprise with the Ethiopian Airlines to form Ethiopian Airlines Group.

The construction of the two runway projects includes paving, repairing the surface, developing drainage structure, building an access road

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Passanger Terminals to be constructed for Semera & Hawassa Airports

The Ethiopian Airport Enterprise (EAE) has signed a 276 million Br contract with two local companies to complete the construction of passenger terminals at Semera and Hawassa Airports.

The Enterprise contracted two companies, Afro Tsion Construction and FE Construction Material Rental Production & General Contractor Plc, to finalize the projects in less than a year.

The signing between the CEO of the Enterprise, Tewodros Dawit, and the representatives of the two contracting companies, was held at the Enterprise’s

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Afro Tsion Wins 290m Br Bid for Arada District Headquarters

Public Procurement & Property Disposal Service awarded Afro Tsion Construction Plc a 290 million Br contract for the construction of headquarters (HQ) for the Arada District last week.

The bid was announced in February 2015, inviting local companies to participate in the bid; Zamra Construction Plc and Teklebrehan Amabaye Construction Plc (TACON) gave their respective offers. As per the process the second lowest offer of 310 million Br was made by TACON.

The technical opening was made on April 8, 2015 and the award to

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Ethiopian Airlines Seeks New Contractor for 1.5b Br Housing Project

Ethiopian Airlines has invited nine companies in a bid to take over the employee housing project from Zhejiang Yefeng, a Chinese contractor, which has been at odds with Ethiopian for a two-year delay in its execution.

Six companies responded to the invitation and submitted their technical and financial offers in June 2015. Among these are YOTEK Construction Plc, Flintstone Engineering, Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction Plc (TACON) and Afro–Tsion Construction Plc, according to sources who did not wish to be identified.

It was

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