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[Feb 2018] 40/60 20/80 & 10/90 Condominium Construction in Addis Ababa Latest Ethiopian News | Ethiopian Business Directory & Portal - Addis Biz

List of names for 40/60 condominium winners on July 08, 2017 [PDF]

The following is a list of names for 40/60 condominium lottery draw winners held on July 08, 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

To easily find your or someone else's name, click CTRL + F on the keyboard, then write the desired name and click search or Enter. It might take a few seconds to search and find the desired name.

If you want to watch the full video of the 40/60 condominium lottery draw ceremony held on July 08 2017, please scroll below the PDF list.


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Construction of new 20/80 and 10/90 condominiums awaiting approval

The Addis Ababa Housing Project Office (AAHPO) is still waiting for the city council’s approval to start construction of new 20/80 and 10/90 condominiums. The office had initially planned to construct 335,000 houses in the five years of GTP II. However, no new construction has been undertaken in the past four months of and the new GDP period, considered ideal for construction. 

Currently, there are over 130,000 houses already in progress across several coroners of the city. Yet several houses are lagging behind schedule, often

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