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[Feb 2018] Neway Berhanu Latest Ethiopian News | Ethiopian Business Directory & Portal - Addis Biz

Wyndham introduces three new hotels in Ethiopia, including one in Lake Langano

Santa Maria Real Estate & Hotels Plc is to be the first local company to own three international brand hospitality facilities. The company sealed a deal with a prominent US brand in hospitality, Wyndham Hotels Group, for two hotels in Addis Ababa and one at the lakeside in Langano.

Neway Berhanu, Managing Director of Calibra Hospitality Consultancy, the local firm behind the deal, told Capital that the negotiations between the two companies took two years.
The three new hotels increases Wyndham’s presence in

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Hotels Investment Forum Spawns Agreement for Eleventh International Brand

The Fifth Africa Hotels Investment Forum (AHIF) has seen Nibras Hotel Plc, a local company, and Accor Hotels Group signing a technical assistance and management agreement for the hotel which will be established in a building currently being constructed near Banco di Roma at Piazza.

This agreement signed on Thursday October 1, 2015, followed another international agreement signed between Sunshine Business Plc and Hilton Worldwide on September 29, 2015.

The Nibras-Accor deal, for the Novotel brand, was facilitated by Calibra

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