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[Feb 2018] ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Manufacturing in Ethiopia Latest Ethiopian News | Ethiopian Business Directory & Portal - Addis Biz

Moti Engineering vs CBM Integates battle contintues

ATM Stations in Ethiopia MOTI Engineering vs CBM IntegratesThe trade competition tribunal has adjourned the Moti-CBM case yet again to determine if a financial proposal CBM made to Wegagen Bank in 2015 can be used as evidence to determine the legality of CBM Integates’ Plc, business in Ethiopia.
Moti, the giant in the ATM supply business, is

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Mela Electro Manufacturing Plc to start ATM Manufacture

Mela Electro Manufacturing Plc is inaugurating, the first assembly plant for automated teller machines (ATMs) in Ethiopia, introducing a new form competition to a market currently dominated by handful of foreign brands and their local representatives.

To-date local companies, such as Moti, CBM Integrates, and SSC have been in the sector representing NCR, Computer Business Machines (CBM) and WINCORE, with CBM manufacturing the Diebold brand, while the other have ATM brands called by their own names.

Giant among these local

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