Major Car Suppliers Battle to Supply 181 Vehicles

Twelve companies competed to supply 181 vehicles for the Ministry of Finance & Economic Cooperation (MoFEC), during the technical evaluation held on October 21, 2017, at its premise located along George VI Avenue.

The Public Procurement & Property Disposal Service (PPPDS), announced the tender on behalf of MoFEC funded by the government. The vehicles will be used for higher educational institutions including universities and technical & vocational training colleges.

Initially, it grabbed the attention of over 21 companies. However, only 12 submitted their technical and financial offers to the Service.

The awarded companies will supply ambulances, minibuses, station wagons, express buses and single as well as double cabin pickups.

Renowned vehicle suppliers such as Motor & Engineering Company of Ethiopia SC (MoENCo), Belayab Motors, Ries Engineering, Equatorial Business Group, Paul Ries & Sons, Nyala Motors and Hagbes Plc are amongst the companies who bid to supply vehicles.

The technical competence, legal and tax clearance documents of the companies will be reviewed during the technical stage of evaluation.

“It will be awarded in the next six weeks,” said Gojam Tadele, public relation expert of the Service.

A year ago, the Service floated a bid for the same purpose and awarded Belayab Motors- an assembler and importer for over a decade, to supply 141 vehicles at the cost of 176 million Br. The procurement was intended to be used by Ethiopian Shipping Lines & Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE), Addis Abeba City Administration and various agencies.

The tender comes just two months after the government drafted a directive to minimise expenses for vehicles. Since then, all government officials were prohibited from using high powered cars such as Nissan, Land Cruisers and Prados out of Addis Abeba. The primary aim of the directive is to reduce public expenditures, thereby narrowing the budget deficit.

During the recently concluded fiscal year, the Service procured 9.6 billion Br worth of goods- 36pc lower than that of the 2015/16 fiscal year. About one-fifth of the procurement was made for universities and federal budgetary institutions.

Procurement accounts for over 60pc of the government’s budget- which stood at 320.8 billion Br in this fiscal year.

The new vehicle procurement comes at a time when Ethiopia’s vehicle imports hit a record high, reaching over 117,032 cars in the past fiscal year alone. This has raised the number of automobiles in the country to over 825,448.

Source : Fortune

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