Beker Shale, Former Directory of ERCA becomes Head of OPDO

Beker Shale Former ERCA Head Now OPDO PresidentBeker Shale, former Director of the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA), is now Office Head of the Oromia People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO). He received notice of his appointment at the Authority’s headquarters last week, and was informed that he was expected to assume office on March 1, 2016.

His new office is situated in the recently inaugurated Oromia Cultural Center near Mesqel Square. His predecessor at the OPDO, Daba Debelle, had occupied that post since June, 2015, after moving from the Region’s Education Bureau. Beker, now in his early 40’s became Director of ERCA following the arrest of its former director, Melaku Fenta along with other high level officials in 2013. He entered the public service in 1991, as a wereda administrator in his home town, Dodola Wereda, West Arsi. For the next six years, Beker worked in various posts in Arsi and Bale.

He then moved to the regional level, serving as a Police Commissioner in the fiscal year 2008/2009. After that, his ascendancy to high level positions began with his becoming State Minister for Government Communications, then Mayor of Adama. Beker has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organisational Management and a Master’s degree in Leadership. His departure will leave the position as head of the Tax Authority vacant.

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