BelayAb Motors Secures Multi-million Br Vehicle Supply Contract

Belay Ab Motors, a known name in the local automotive industry, has won the tender to supply 22 vehicles to federal offices – each worth 1.2 million Br.

The company signed a contract with the Public Procurement Property Disposal Service on October 24, following an evaluation of both the technical and financial documents of the bidders. The vehicles were expected to be fully supplied within 90 days. However, Belay Ab already delivered all 22 vehicles this week.

Out of the delivered pickups, 18 of them were bought on behalf of the Ethiopian Shipping Lines  Logistics Service Enterprise and the rest for the Agency for Government Houses.

The bid attracted five local players in the automotive industry, four of whom submitted bids. Belay Ab listed the winning price of 1.48 million Br for one ZNA pickup.

Nyala Motors, another local vehicle importer, made the second list price – 1.51 million Br for one Nissan vehicle. A third company in the competition, Ethio-Nippon, gave a bid of 1.61 million Br for a Mitsubushi vehicle.

The highest offer was made by Moenco – it listed a two million birr, for one Toyota brand car.

Belay Ab, a major player in the industry as an importer, was established a decade ago. Just a couple of months ago, the company also inked a deal with a South Korean car manufacturer over an assembly partnership.

Belay Ab is said to have invested close to 150 million Br at its 30,000sqm plant in Adama.

Over the first quarter of this fiscal year, the Service, mandated to procure goods and services on behalf of the public offices, awarded 2.4 billion Brs worth of contracts for the construction of buildings and purchase of vehicles. Out of this, 1.4 billion Br of the total was spent on vehicle purchases. Out of the purchased vehicles, 237 cars meant for the Oromia Police Commission have been reported to have reached the Port of Djibouti and the Gelan Dry Port.

In 2015, the country imported 38,288 cars – 54.4pc higher than the preceding year. The Service has also disposed of 63 vehicles, 1,441,626kg of scrap metal and 847 used offices accessories. In return, it collected close to 20 million Br from the transfer of these disposed materials and equipment.

Source : AddisFortune

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