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Four local companies competing to supply one million Breathalyser mouthpieces

Four local companies are competing to supply one million Breathalyser mouthpieces, and 20,000 breathalyser tubes for the Addis Abeba Transport Traffic Management Agency to reduce traffic accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.

The procurement could cost the Agency five to six million Birr.

Kasper trading, Mekdes Wolde Gabriel, Abtek International Plc and Enish General Trading are the companies that passed the preliminary technical evaluation.

The companies were among the 15 that initially responded to the Agency’s tender announcement. The remaining did not submit their technical and financial proposals.

“The procurement will help us control traffic accidents and in field enforcement,” said Tesfaye Habte head of regulation and enforcement at the City Transport Programme Management Office. “We will also use them for post-accident situations.”

The items will be procured under two categories as the breathalysers requested by the Agency are of two types. Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety donated the first type, and the latter will be provided by Addis Abeba City Administration Council.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has donated 30,000 disposable mouthpieces, with breathalysers used for active testing and 45 Alcoblows for passive testing. The City’s Council has also given 20 breathalysers to the Agency. The Addis Abeba traffic police have used these items during the initial pilot testing.

The tubes are similar to the mouthpieces, but they are used to assist people with respiratory problems. It can easily transfer air to the breathalyser, according to Tolosa Geda, Bloomberg Initiative’s regulation and enforcement coordinator.

The full kit of the breathalyser comprises of a 6V charger (that can be connected to a vehicle and regular power supply), a printer, mouthpiece, tube and the breathalyser itself.

For the sustainable provision of the mouthpieces, the Agency had floated a bid to invite local manufacturers to produce them locally.

“But manufacturers have not turned up stating that the mould for the mouthpiece would cost between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars to import,” said Tesfaye. “Also the mouthpiece has sensitive parts that make local production difficult.”

This procurement is part of the efforts made by the transport offices, Bloomberg Initiative and law enforcement bodies along with the Addis Abeba Road Safety Strategy Plan, which will be implemented for the next three years from 2018.

Apart from the breathalysers, Bloomberg Initiative campaigns to spread awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving by broadcasting advertisements and through other platforms.

Since the launch of the utilisation of breathalysers, the number of accidents in the city has declined significantly, according to Addis Abeba City Traffic Police.

Technically qualified companies must submit appropriate renewed licenses, tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) registration. They are also required to present a bid security of 20,000 Br.

The winning company is expected to be announced within two months.

Source : Fortune

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