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Addis Abeba City Roads Authority (AACRA) signs 130m Br Contract

Ethiopia Road Construction Addis Abeba City Roads Authority AACRA

Addis Abeba City Roads Authority (AACRA) has signed a total of around 135 million Br contract for the construction of a new road and for the design of 21 already constructed roads with two local construction companies on February 20, 2015.

The project for the construction of the new road is worth of 133.5 million Br. It will be conducted by Diriba Defersha General Contractor, which was selected from among 11 bidders. The consultancy and the supervision of the project is given to Engineer Zewdie Eskender Consultancy Firm.

Deriba Defersha general contractor is a level one contractor under the sole ownership of Deriba Defersha (Eng).The general contractor which is engaged in construction of buildings, water works is mainly engaged on road construction and had previously taken road projects in Adama, Sekota and other roads.

The road project had a length of 1.7Km and 24m width. It extends from CMC to Yerer Goro and from Yerer Goro to Radio Beckon sewerage filter.

“The road project will contribute to resolving the transportation and traffic problems of the residents,” Fekade Haile(Eng), general manger of the authority said at a press briefing held during the signing of the contract.

The project is expected to be completed in eight months, but could be finished earlier, Fekade says, because there are no right of way issues involved.

The other agreement signed by the Authority was with Prominent Engineering Solution Plc to carry out the design as built on 21 finalized road projects. The project, which is worth 1.3 million Br is to conduct a boundary surveying of the roads and to correspond them with the master plan. The surveying will help to know and utilize lands out of the road projects.

The design-surveying project is to be conducted on a total of 113.5Kms of road and is scheduled to be finalized and delivered to the master plan within six months. Some of the roads under the surveying project are a road from Meganagna to CMC, Bole Rwanda to Bole Micheal, Wolo Sefer to Gotora, Meskel Flower to Bole Kelebet Menged and Meskel Square to Kaliti Kelebet Menged.

The usual pointed challenges of the authority in finalizing road projects on their scheduled deadline were raised during the press brief. Pointing right of way issues as the prominent challenge in finalizing road projects timely, Fekade noted that such problem will not be caused on the road project at hand and the project will be finalized shortly before the scheduled time line.

Financial capacity of the construction companies was pointed out as another challenge for the possible delay of the road projects and the authority had made reassessments of the financial capacity of the contracting construction firms, Fekade added.

The projects will begin work after 15 days

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