Condominium lottery for 40/60 and 20/80 programs has been postponed for an unspecified time.

Addis Ababa housing agency has been constructing more than 132,000 condominium units and 42,000 were supposed to be transfers to beneficiaries by the end of October. It was reported that a lottery will be held for 40/60 and 20/80 condominium houses on November 09, 2018 (Tikimt 30, 2011).

The agency has stated that the condominium lottery software used to randomly select beneficiaries was previously in the control of Information Network Security Agency (INSA), and that this has raised an issue. The agency has decided that it should be in control of the lottery software.

The agency has stated that the software needs to be inspected and that this was one of the main reasons for postponing the lottery program. When asked if there was something wrong with the lottery software, deputy of the agency replied that there was no evidence at this moment but the software is being audited and that the results will be reported.