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Hijra Bank to open for business

Hijra Bank the other under formation interest free financial institution announced that it achieved the share sales at the deadline that ended on Monday November 11.
The bank has been effectively going through the formation processes for the past seven months. It has announced the one-billion-birr share sales with half of it or the 500 million birr to be paid.

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Most Profitable Ethiopian Private Banks for 2019 / 2018 Fiscal Year

While it has been a few months since the last budget year closed (July 08, 2018 – July 07, 2019 / ሐምሌ 1፡2010 – ሰኔ 30፡2011), not all banks have disclosed their financial statements. The following is Ethiopian banks’ profit before and after tax for the 2019 / 2018 fiscal year.

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