In the current age of technology, most of us browse the Internet or use apps on our smartphones, tablets or computer to quickly find an address of a certain company, find a supplier for a certain product or get a list of businesses which provide a certain service. Launched in 2014, AddisBiz is a digital business portal with a high traffic website which focuses on providing important and curated business information about the growing Ethiopian business scene for local and international audiences.

Benefits of Registering on AddisBiz

  • Easily reach more customers: Since most people use the internet or smartphones to search for information rather than reading large phone books, registering on AddisBiz allows you to easily reach new customers who are searching for companies online.
  • Attract International Customers: Whether it’s importing your products to this country or selling your products and services in Ethiopia as an agent, companies outside Ethiopia might want to work with you. Their only option to find companies in Ethiopia is by searching the internet. Besides Ethiopia, AddisBiz has a high amount of traffic from U.S.A, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, UAE, Italy, Saudi Arabia, China and South Africa. Registering on AddisBiz allows potential customers outside Ethiopia to easily find your contact address and start a business relationship.
  • Increased Online Presence: If your company doesn’t have a website, customers searching for your business online might not be able to find you. That means, you are losing customers. Registering on AddisBiz makes it easy for new customers to find your businesses address so they can easily contact you.
  • Drive traffic to your website:  Even if your company is popular, not everyone knows about your business. So, instead of searching for ‘XYZ company’, your potentially new customers might search for list of ‘Companies which provide ABC’ service. Since our website provides a list of companies, new customers might see your business page on AddisBiz and browse your website for more information.
  • Attract Local Customers: AddisBiz allows users to find companies by business sector, city and region. That allows new customers who are looking for companies or service providers within their city or region to easily find your company.


Our growing business directory has contact details for more than 30,000 companies in Ethiopia. Businesses and companies in Ethiopia can submit their business details and promote their products and services on our website for free or for a very small annual fee by submitting the registration form. For more details, please visit our contact us page.


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