Daldhis Trading Plc

Daldhis was incorporated in 2014 with a mission to source and provide. We are the official distributors of Dunlop and Michelin tyres as well as Denso Automotive spare parts in Ethiopia. Our company is well equipped with the latest technology equipment manufactured by world leading brands.

Products and Services

Tyre Import and Supply

Daldhis Trading Plc imports and supplies world renowned Dunlop and Michelin tyres for different types of vehicles.

Automotive / Car Spareparts import and supply

Daldhis Trading imports and supplies automotive / car spare-parts such as header, router, wiper, pumps and more from one of the world's leading brand, Denso Automotive.

Contact Information

Business TypePrivate Limited Company (PLC)
Telephone 1: +251118290086
Telephone 2: +251114705888
Address: Addis Ababa
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Verified onFeb 28, 2020

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Daldhis Trading Plc is listed in the following categories
  1. Automotive Tyre
  2. Automotive Spare Parts
  3. Importers Tyre
  4. Automotive Car Accessories
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