Addis Ababa City Administration Unveils Option To Help Residents Waiting for 20/80 and 40/60 Condominiums to Build Houses Under Associations

The City Council of Addis Ababa has passed a decision aiming at enabling registered residents waiting for condo lot to build houses under associations. Decision came after the city administration has considered housing problem prevailing in the capital. Plan mainly targets residents of the city who have registered for 20/80 and 40/60 condo housing schemes.

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Most Profitable Ethiopian Private Banks for 2020 / 2019 Fiscal Year

The current budget year (July 08, 2019 – July 07, 2020 / ሐምሌ 1፡2011 – ሰኔ 30፡2012), has recently been closed. Most banks in Ethiopia have a very close estimate of their profit before tax and other deductions.

The following is an estimation of Ethiopian banks’ profit before tax and other deductions for the 2020 / 2019 fiscal year.

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Parts of Ethiopia to Experience Annual Solar Eclipse in June 2020

Annual solar eclipse that occurs in western and north eastern parts of Ethiopia will enable people see the characteristic ring fire around the Sun for three hours on June 21, 2020, according to Ethiopian Space Science and Technology. The event will take place for three hours and the Sun will be fully dark for 38 minutes around 9:40 in the morning, especially in Wollega, parts of Gojam, Gonder and Lalibla towns.

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Ethiopia Corona Virus (Covid-19) Update

The total laboratory test conducted within twenty-four hours as of April 03, 2020, is 74; of this six of them are confirmed for COVID-19 making the total number of cases Thirty-five. 5 of the patients were found in Addis Ababa while the other one, a 33 year old female was found Dire Dawa.

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