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TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors is established by merger of three audit firms namely Tesfa Tadesse & Co., Alemayehu Kassa & Co., and Yeheyis Bekele& Co. in July 2005. Due to the merger, TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors has got greater size and capacity to maintain quality of audit works at an international standard. Moreover, the firm assured its continuity as it has got three young professionals who are authorized auditors and have different experiences and qualifications that enable the firm to competently discharge its responsibilities to its client.

The firm is established with a vision to provide real business support to its clients. Having considered the lack of adequate professional support to the local businesses, be it profit making or non-profit making, the company believes that it should provide value adding assistance to its clients on top of the financial audit.

TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors has been in audit and consultancy practice for a continuous sixteen years and has developed great trust and professional relationship that added value to the business objective of its clients.

Professional Membership

The current partners of TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors are Tesfa Tadesse, Alemayehu Kassa & Yeheyis Bekele. They are all members of ACCA (UK) and members of Ethiopian Professional Association of Accountants and Auditors (EPAAA). ACCA is member of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). EPAAA is member of PAN African Federation of Accountants which is also IFAC member.

The partners have got extensive audit and consultancy experiences in Ethiopia and abroad. The partners will involve in the audit process taking different areas of responsibility.

TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors has also been assessed in July 2021 by USAID and is successfully listed as acceptable Non-US Audit Firms to audit USAID fund projects.

Our website may provide you with more information about us.

Membership of Global Professional Network

TAY Authorized Accountants and Auditors became member of Kreston Global with effect from 1 April 2015. Kreston International is a UK based global network of independent accounting firms. Founded in 1971 Kreston International offers reliable and convenient access to quality services through member firms located around the globe. Currently ranking as the 12th largest accounting network in the world, Kreston now covers over 125 countries and provides a resource of over 25,000 professional and support staff.

Kreston Global member firms commit to compliance with the professional standards appropriate in their respective countries and to adhere to the following international standards:

  • International Standards on Quality Control
  • International Standards on Auditing for the conduct of transnational audits.
  • Code of Ethics as issued by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants.

A globally coordinated quality monitoring and review programme supports member firms in the maintenance of these standards.

Contact address:

7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR
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Our firm has experiences of delivering audit services to over 1,500 organizations. The firm has accumulated audit experience since the year 2005 and today has got exposure in various sectors of the economy. Every year we carry out over 230 audit and consultancy engagements.Our services are not limited to Ethiopia alone. So far we have provided services to clients in Burkina Faso, Benin, Djibouti, Somali Land, Burundi and South Sudan.

Products and Services


Financial audits
Audit of financial statements of companies, NGOs and others with the primary objective to express independent opinion.

Internal Audit
Provide internal audit services to companies that out sources this function. We conduct risk based internal audit services in accordance with standards of IIA.

Forensic Audit (Investigative audit)
We carry out investigation of frauds with appropriate compilation of evidences for administrative action of management or court ruling purpose.

We handle liquidation of companies as liquidator in accordance with the Commercial Code of Ethiopia.

Organizational Capacity Audit (OCA)

Our OCA is primarily designed to assess financial management capacity of partner organizations on behalf of funding donors. The assessment is in response to the need of funding donors who like to know whether the partner organizations are able to utilize the funds in accordance with the terms of agreement and whether they can deliver reliable reports. We also conduct financial management health check of the organizations, an exercise which may be conducted within three days’ time. The organization latter on can adapt the technique and conduct in house assessment.


  • Risk Management function:- we assist companies to strategically identify, analyze and monitor potential risks to their business operation. We also evaluate fraud risk factors at business unit and significant account level; determine if controls exist to mitigate and are effective.

  • Training: we provide training on accounting, auditing and other special topics which will address the need of our clients. Our professional staffs have the required technical skills an ample experience to properly manage the training topic.

  • Accounting: we provide accounting services to our clients and provide interim and annual financial reports to management and third parties for decision purpose. The exercise involves the design of a chart of account appropriate for the business environment.

  • Design and installation of accounting systems: we make a thorough study of the business operation of companies and design an appropriate accounting system. We advise client to select appropriate accounting software and involve in the implementation task. We also provide initial and subsequent on-job training to the finance people until the system is proved to be working

  • Payroll service :- we provide payroll service to companies with local and expat staff. Our service includes preparation of payroll summary, pay slips and settlement of net pay to individual employee's bank account, settlement of tax liabilities to tax authority and settlement of funds to provident fund and pension schemes.

  • Tax advises: our tax advisers have in depth knowledge of the Ethiopian tax law and regulations. In this connection we provide tax advises to internationals assignees that will come to Ethiopia for short or long term duration.

  • Salary survey and review of organizational structure: we are in the world where things are changing dynamically within short period of time. Salary scale which have been developed to use for a number of years may require revision after a year. Our experts who have ample experience in the field help companies by conducting salary survey and review of organizational structure.

  • Company formation: we provide company incorporation services to those who establish as local company or as a branch of an international company.

  • Compilation of finance and operational manuals:- we develop financial, procurement and administrative manual which considers the business environment of the individual companies.

  • Outsourcing: we assist companies to concentrate on their core activities and to outsource other non-core activities. Such exercise helps them to exploit competitive advantage. In this connection we give outsourcing service in areas including but not limited to data processing, recruitment, procurement, financial accounting, and payroll services.
  • System review: we provide review of different system used by organizations with the view to identify weaknesses and make recommendations.

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Address: Ethio-China Friendship Avenue, Wengelawit Tadesse Building 1st Floor
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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