Company History

Fact Consulting Engineers PLC was established on 13th November 2011 and worked on technical consulting and management of contracts and design services on roads, buildings and general waterworks projects. With a number of professionals and supporting staff, we have achieved a large degree of success in the construction industry despite the short duration in the industry. The company has adequate resources and financial capacity to perform consultancy services and the services associated with our company. We have a very good relationship with our clients which has been helping us for successful completion of a huge number of projects in the past 9 years. Our Company is currently registered as Grade-I in General Water Resource Consulting Firm (from the Ministry of water, Irrigation and Electricity), the highest grade authorized in Ethiopia.


Our company strives to be a role model in engineering innovations and new modern and adaptable techniques in construction management and design of civil and water work constructions in the coming 10 years.


Our Company’s mission is to scale up qualities of constructions and to ultimately satisfy our customers and client’s interest in achieving good supervision and contract administration and optimum designs and feasibility studies.


Responsibility, transparency, accountability, faithfulness are the major principles which our company applies on serving its customers and clients.

Business Goals and Objectives

Our company is working to be one of the most outstanding consulting companies in Ethiopia and Africa in designing cost effective, esthetical, economical, safe and durable construction projects and will be the role model in contract administration and supervision by adopting and developing new methodologies and technologies. 

Some of the services of our company are:

  • Feasibility study, design and supervision of small, medium and large scale irrigation projects
  • Design, project management, contract administration and supervision works of water supplies, dams (Micro and Medium), water works, roads, buildings and bridge projects
  • Geological investigations of dams and weir foundations
  • Investigation of surface and underground water resources
  • Environmental, social and watershed studies of basins and rivers
  • Assessment studies of Afforestation/Reforestation of degradations
  • Design and study of sewerage systems
  • Capacity building trainings, consultation and coaching on contract administrations and managements
  • Preparing Strategic, annuals and long term action plans of construction projects
  • Advocacy and promotion and trainings in the areas of community development and sanitation and hygiene
  • Giving short term training for trainers on small scale irrigation projects, micro dams, weirs, buildings, roads and highway design, contract administrations and construction management
  • Under taking organizational structure study, analysis and formulation
  • Economic and Financial Analysis and environmental impact assessments of different mega project

Area of Business:

  • General Waterworks Consultant
  • General Engineering Consultants
  • Town Planning and Inventory Service Consultancy
  • Civil Engineering and Consulting Architectures and Real EState Developers

Contact Information

Mobile 1: +251988978847
Mobile 2: +251910886713
Telephone: +251118160556
Address: Office 508, 5th Floor, H&M building, around 22 Mazorial, Yeka sub city Wereda 08, Equatorial Guinea Street
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Verified onDec 22, 2020

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Euro Euro (EUR) 49.3431 50.3300 49.3431 49.3431
Pound Sterling Pound Sterling (GBP) 54.7790 55.8746 57.3602 57.3602
UAE Dirham UAE Dirham (AED) 10.2230 10.4275 11.2961 11.2961
Saudi Riyal Saudi Riyal (SAR) 10.0131 10.2134 11.0642 11.0642
Swiss Franc Swiss Franc (CHF) 42.6484 43.5014 44.6580 44.6580
Swedish Krona Swedish Krona (CEK) 4.3629 4.4502 4.8209 4.8209
Norwegian krone Norwegian krone (NOK) 4.4388 4.5276 4.9048 4.9048
Danish Kroner Danish Kroner (DKK) 6.0050 6.1251 6.6354 6.6354
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