One more Tour and Travel PLC is a company specializing in travel and tour operation services. The company handles all ranges of ticketing for international and domestic travel. The company strives to deliver outstanding customer care, especially focusing on corporate clients. For international business travelers, we provide reasonable fares and convenient travel schedules by advising different travel options.

Contact Information

Business TypePrivate Limited Company (PLC)
Mobile: +251911048134
Telephone 1: +251930014315/16
Telephone 2: +251901675555
Telephone 3: +251901645555
Telephone 4: +251903299222
Address: Woreda 2 Bole road Sentayehu Blng. 1st floor H.No 002/1D
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Verified onNov 10, 2022

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ONE MORE TOUR & TRAVEL GENERAL TRADING PLC is listed in the following categories
  1. Tour / Travel / Car Rental Ticket Offices
  2. Tour / Travel / Car Rental Travel Agencies
ONE MORE TOUR & TRAVEL GENERAL TRADING PLC offers the following products and services
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