Business TypePrivate Limited Company (PLC)
Mobile: +251911490397
Telephone: +251116631381
Fax: +251116631382
Address: 22 Mazoria, Comet Building, 3rd floor
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Wonberta is one of the major coffee and sesame exporters that has built a good track record in Ethiopia and its majorly involved in the coffee and sesame export sector along with some general import trading activities.

Products and Services

Coffee Export and Supply

We export all types of washed and unwashed Ethiopian green coffees, some of the types include: Washed Yirgachefe grade 1 & 2, Washed Sidamo grade 1 & 2, Washed Teppi grade 1 & 2, Washed Limu grade 1 & 2 and Unwashed Yirgachefe grade 3, Sidamo grade 4, Djimmah grade 4 & 5 and Lekempti 4 & 5.

Sesame Oil Seed Export and Supply

We also export natural quality sesame seeds grown in the north western low land areas of Ethiopia. Types include Mettema, Humera, Gonder, Wellega, Pawe and Nekemte type sesame seeds.

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