Epion Computer Solutions is a private limited company incorporated on January 2012 with the aim to provide information technology solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency and general performance of businesses in Ethiopia.

We focus on solutions that improve our customers’ business performance by offering fast, reliable and cost effective technological solutions.

We value long term business relationships that will in-turn make us our clients’ preferred partners in their future endeavors.

Some of our stats in numbers

  • 150+ Websites Designed
  • 200+ Domains Hosted
  • 350+ Clients Serviced
  • 7+ Years Experience

Products and Services

Human Resource (HRM) and Payroll Software Development and Supply

Our human resource and payroll software is a state of the art system that can manage all employee information and easily process payroll. The HRM and payroll systems allows you to avoid manual payroll calculations that will save you valuable time and give you accuracy and consistency.

Inventory / Stock Management Software Development and Supply

Our Inventory software provides you with an easy way to manage the movement of items and products within your company. The inventory system allows you to manage items’ balance at different stores / warehouses, sales issue vouchers, good receiving notes, transfers, customers and more.

Sales Management Software Development and Supply

Our company provides sales management software which allows you to manage and easily view your daily, weekly and monthly sales. The software can be installed on the customer's computer for easy and offline use or it can be accessed over the internet to facilitate data sharing between different warehouses and offices.

Contact Information

Business TypePrivate Limited Company (PLC)
Mobile: +251911728070
Telephone: +251116900308
Address: Golagul Building, 9th Floor
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Verified onMar 11, 2020

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Foreign Exchange Market Rates for Major Currencies against Ethiopian Birr (ETB)

Date: Feb 24, 2021
Currency (Code) Cash Buying Rate Cash Selling Rate Transaction Buying Rate Transaction Selling Rate
US Dollar US Dollar (USD) 39.9069 40.7050 39.9069 39.9069
Euro Euro (EUR) 48.4829 49.4526 48.4829 48.4829
Pound Sterling Pound Sterling (GBP) 53.7061 54.7802 56.2368 56.2368
UAE Dirham UAE Dirham (AED) 983.1500 1,002.8130 10.8635 10.8635
Saudi Riyal Saudi Riyal (SAR) 962.9300 982.1886 10.6401 10.6401
Swiss Franc Swiss Franc (CHF) 4,231.2700 4,315.8954 44.3065 44.3065
Swedish Krona Swedish Krona (CEK) 435.6300 444.3426 4.8136 4.8136
Norwegian krone Norwegian krone (NOK) 424.8700 433.3674 4.6947 4.6947
Danish Kroner Danish Kroner (DKK) 589.9500 601.7490 6.5188 6.5188
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen (JPY) 34.3000 34.9860 0.3790 0.3790
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