[Update – March 06, 2019] List of names for 13th round 20/80 condominium winners for Studio, One, Two and Three Bedroom apartments in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

[Update – March 06, 2019] List of names for 2nd round 40/60 condominium winners for One, Two and Three Bedroom apartments in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

The Addis Ababa city administration will transfer 51,229 condominium houses in a lottery draw on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

The condominium houses were built under the 20/80 and 40/60 housing schemes, according to Engineer Senait Damtew, head of the Addis Ababa city’s housing administration and development bureau.

Out of the total condominium houses, 32,653 are in the 20/80 scheme while the remaining 18,576 are in the 40/60 scheme.

Out of the 20/80 condominium houses, 1,248 are studios, 18,823 are one bedroom, 7,127 are two bedrooms while the remaining 5,455 are three bedroom condominium apartments.

People who have registered in 1997 (Eth. Cal) will be included in the lottery draw while people who registered in 2005 (Eth. Cal) will only be included for the 3 bedroom lottery draw.

Registrants who have saved for the last 40 months will be included for the studio, one bedroom and two bedrooms lottery draws while people who have saved for the last 60 months will be included on the three bedroom condominium’s lottery draw.

For the 20/80 condominium program, 5% more chance is given for people with disabilities, 20% for government employees and 30% more change will be given for women.

For the 40/60 condominium program, 3,060 houses are one bedroom, 10,322 are two bedrooms, 5,194 are three bedroom apartments.

To be eligible for the 40/60 condominium lottery draw, people should save at least 40% of the condominium cost that was stated during the registration period.