Raxio Ethiopia, the nation’s first hyperscale ready Tier III carrier neutral data centre, today hosted Executives of Ethiopian financial institutions to discuss business and technology challenges and share solutions from which the financial sector can benefit.
The event provided in-depth insights to help financial institutions leverage technology and digital infrastructure provided by the Raxio Ethiopia’s data centre to improve service delivery and position themselves to play an instrumental role in the growing digital economy in Ethiopia.
Today, financial services institutions rely on data centres to provide a stable and reliable environment to host their mission critical infrastructure. With the rapidly increasing demand for digital services driven by increased e-commerce penetration, digital payments, data driven business models, and the push for data sovereignty, Raxio will provide the much needed stable ecosystem to support this growing need.

The executive briefing offered participants from the banking, insurance and fintech sectors a deep look into how outsourcing data centre services to Raxio can allow enterprises to focus on their core business from both a financial perspective and also an operational perspective. For the financial services sector, the management of data centre infrastructure is far removed from their core services and by outsourcing these services, enterprises can repurpose capital expenditure to their core business and deliver a richer customer experience. From an operating expenditure perspective, Raxio will leverage its economies of scale to provide a more cost effective solution by passing through cost savings to its customers. Furthermore, customers will also benefit from the “pay as your grow” model to enable them to be truly prepared for the future.

During the occasion, General Manager of Raxio Ethiopia Mr. Bewket Taffere remarked that “Data is the most critical asset of any organization and businesses are faced with the mounting challenges of storing and processing data while ensuring compliance and availability. Data centres will be an essential pillar for the financial services sector to emerge more resilient and primed for growth. It gives me great pleasure to share that Raxio Ethiopia will be playing a significant role in building the foundation for this growth by delivering a tailored offering to the sector”

Set to be commissioned in Q1 2023, Raxio Ethiopia will offer its customers an optimized environment for their IT equipment in a state of the art, scalable facility, fully equipped with industry best in technology, uncompromised security, AC/DC power compatibility and redundancy. Customers will be able to cross-connect with local and international carriers and other customers in specially designed meet-me rooms, making. Raxio Ethiopia is integral to the backbone of the country’s digital economy. Raxio’s premier facility in Ethiopia will accommodate 800 racks delivering 3MW of IT capacity and will support rack densities from 2kW upto 21 KW.

Established in 2018, Raxio Group is a portfolio company of, Roha Group Inc, a US based investment firm focusing on responsibly investing in and building greenfield, profitable businesses across Africa, and Meridiam, a global developer, asset and fund manager specializing in sustainable infrastructure and energy transition projects.  Raxio is Africa’s premier platform of carrier neutral, colocation, Tier III data centres, providing industry-standard, carrier-grade facilities and services that serve as the foundation for Africa’s digital economies. Following its first facility in Uganda, Raxio now has presence in Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Mozambique and Tanzania, and it will continue developing additional facilities to establish a network of interconnected data centres across the African continent.