Information on the locations/sites of 40/60 condominiums, number of houses in each location/site, number of blocks per each site and the current construction status of has been released on September 03, 2015. You can check it out using the link below.
40/60 Condominium Number of Houses and Blocks
Ato Bizuneh Kinde, Director of Addis Ababa City Administration Saving Houses Development Enterprise (AASHDE) gave a statement on April 24th, 2015 about the 40/60 Condominium Apartment Construction in Addis Ababa. Here are some of the facts we know

  • 20,973 people have paid 40% or more
  • 1,992 40/60 condominium units will be transferred to home owners this year sometime around July (2007 Ethiopian Calendar)
  • Priority will be given to people who have paid full amount during the registration
  • Whether or not government employees will be given priority, compared to private employees is still under discussion
  • The condominium units to be transferred to home owners are located in Senga tera and Crown hotel (Kality) sites.
  • Crown hotel site has 882 houses in 14 blocks.
  • Senga tera sites have 5 blocks and 340 houses.
  • Only finishing work is remaining for the Senga tera and Crown hotel 40/60 condominium apartments