As per the annual reports of insurance companies in Ethiopia, here is a list of the top profitable insurance companies in Ethiopia.

RankCompanyGross ProfitNet ProfitReference
1Awash Insurance209 million
2Ethiopian Re-Insurance186.4 million
3Nib Insurance163 million
4Nyala Insurance149.3 million
5United Insurance147.8 million124.2 million
6Nile Insurance128.8 million111.2 million
7Abay Insurance74.8 million63 million
8Oromia Insurance74.2 million
9Lion Insurance53 million51.8 million
10National Insurance (NICE)50.2 million45.4 million
11Africa Insurance58 million45 million
12Global Insurance43.2 million36.5 million
13Tsehay Insurance30.2 million
14Berhan Insurance33.7 million
15Bunna Insurance20 million20 million
16Zemen Insurance18.3 million18.3 million
17Ethio Life and General Insurance (ELiG)10.9 million8.64 million
18Lucy Insurance9.4 million9.4 million