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Tiret’s Subsidary Assembles Samsung Refrigerators at 135m Br

Azila Electronics, a newly established subsidiary company Tiret Corporate, an endowment organisation, with Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), has commenced a refrigerator assembling factory in Debre Birhan at a cost of 135 million Br.

Established in 2014, Azila Electronics secured the finance from the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, while handpicking the state-owned Metal & Engineering Corporation (MetEC) for the construction of the factory on 20,000sqm in Kebase Kebele. According to Seid Mohammed, Production &

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Dashen Brewery to Begin Production at Two Billion Birr Plant

Dashen Brewery Plc is to begin production at its newly constructed second plant, built in Debre Birhan town.

The plant will produce two million hectolitres in its first year and three million hectolitres after that, according to Dessalegn Mekonnen, project manager. The new factory is producing the same quality of beer as Dashen’s first plant in Gonder with the same packaging and 4.5pc of alcohol.

It was expected to take 2.6 billion Br, but the whole plant, including the building and machinery, was completed for just two

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