Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has appointed Seare Mekonnen (Gen.) as the new Army Chief of Staff replacing Samora Yenus (Gen.).

Samora served as army Chief of Staff for the past 17 years after Tsadkan Gebretensae (Let. Gen.) left his position.

Abiy also restored the full honor and benefits of two army officials namely Alemshet Degiffe (Maj. Gen.) and Assamnew Tsige (Brig. Gen.) who were recently released from prison were convicted of conspiring to overthrow the constitutional order though violence.

Abiy also appointed Adem Mohammed (Gen.) as the new National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) director replacing Getachew Assefa.

Abadulla Gemeda, the newly appointed security advisor of the Prime Minister and Girma Birru, Ethiopian Ambassador to the US were retired.

Source: TheReporterEthiopia