While it has been a few months since the last budget year closed (June/July  2018 – June/July 2019 / ሐምሌ 2010 – ሰኔ 2011), not all private insurance companies have disclosed their financial statements. The following is Ethiopian Insurance companies profit before and after tax for the 2019 / 2018 fiscal year. While most of the figures below are verified figures, it should be noted that these values might change a bit when the actual audited results are released.

  • Insurance companies for which we have specified ‘Net Profit / Earning in ETB’ values are verified from the respective company’s financial report
  • Insurance companies for which we have specified ‘Gross Profit’ but not the ‘Net Profit’ values are verified from other sources but will be updated soon when the companies release their financial information
  • Figures which have are shown as ranges between two numbers (x – y) are estimates
RankBankGross Profit / Earning
in ETB
Net Profit / Earning
in ETB
1.Nyala Insurance184.3 million
2.Awash Insurance Company176.2 million160.3 million
3.Nile Insurance129 million110 million
4.Hibret / United Insurance121.2 million
5.Nib Insurance Company113.2 million
6.Oromia Insurance Company92.3 million87.1 million
7.National Insurance Company of Ethiopia (NICE)60 – 120 million
8.Anbessa / Lion Insurance Company50 – 100 million
9.Abay Insurance50 – 100 million
10.Global Insurance Company30 – 60 million
11.Bunna Insurance28 – 30 million26.8 million
12.Berhan Insurance25.5 million
13.Tsehay Insurance35.3 million33.2 million
14.Ethio Life and General Insurance5 – 30 million
15.Lucy Insurance6.2 million6.2 million
16.Africa Insurance Company-2.8 million