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Addis Ababa to have a second name (Finfine) and Oromifa to serve as a working language

After discussing on the draft legislation prepared on the constitutional special interests of the Oromia regional state on Addis Ababa, the Council of Minister today referred it to the House of People Representatives (HPR) for approval.

According to a statement the Council of Minister sent to FBC today, details of the special interests of the regional state were prepared in line with article 49 (5) of the Ethiopian constitution and based on the consultations held with stakeholders.

The draft legislation was also reviewed thoroughly by the Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and other governmental institutions.

The draft legislation considered Oromia’s special interest on Addis Ababa in terms of service delivery, conservation and use of natural resources as well as on common administrative issues since Addis Ababa is located at the center of the regional state.

Regarding service delivery, the draft legislation states that Addis Ababa city administration will facilitate conditions for the construction of primary schools for natives of the regional state who want to teach their children in their native language.

As Addis Ababa or Finfine is the capital of Oromia regional state, the health services will take into consideration natives of the regional state living around the city. Moreover, Afan Oromo language will serve as a working language along with Amharic language.

Based on necessities, squares, roads, villages and related areas which reflect the identity of the Oromo people, will be renamed by their former Oromo names.

The city administration will create favorable situation for the construction of cultural, theater, art and recreational centers which reflect the culture and history of the Oromo People.

As per the draft legislation, Addis Ababa and Finfine equally serve as names of the city.

The draft legislation also included the benefit from land and water supply, dry waste disposal and transport services, condominium houses, business centers and sufficient compensation and rehabilitation services during relocation of farmers from their land for development activities.

According to the legislation, institutions which want to erect buildings for government activities and public services will get land on lease free. Addis Ababa city administration will set up market places for farmers domiciling around the city.

An office will be established to coordinate efforts for the rehabilitation of farmers when they are relocated from their land for development purposes as well as to make sure that the compensations paid for them are sufficient.

As far as the regional state’s benefit from natural resources and environmental conservation is concerned, the draft legislation states that the regional state has the right to get compensation for the damages caused by garbage dumped at towns and kebeles located around Addis Ababa city.

Moreover, the construction of wastewater treatment and dry waste recycling plants will be held in areas studied by the city administration and the regional state in a manner that meet scientific requirements.

According to the draft legislation, a joint council will be established by the Addis Ababa city Administration and Oromia regional state to deal on issues of farmers who will be relocated from their land for development purposes.

The joint council, to be accountable to the federal government, will also follow up and provide support for the implementation of the special interests as well as other common administrative issues.

The city administration and the regional state will represent equal number of members in the council. Its organizational structure, task and other detailed issues will be decided by a regulation to be issued by the Council of Ministers.

Several people from different walks of life are expected to take part in the approval process of the draft legislation.

Source : FanaBC | EBC

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