Zemen Bank has reported a gross profit 636 million birr for the 2019 / 2018 financial year. The profit showed an increase of 293.5 million birr compared to last year. The net profit of the bank now stands at 483.7 million birr.

The EPS of the bank grew from 286 birr for the previous budget year to 398 for the current year.

Total assets of the bank now stand at 14.7 billion birr while total deposited reached 11.6 billion birr.
The paid up capital of the bank grew from 1.1 billion to 1.4 billion while the total capital of the bank now stands at 2 billion birr.

Zemen Bank currently has 68 ATMs in different parts of Ethiopia which are serving approximately 2.3 million birr worth of transactions a day and 859 million birr worth of transaction annually.

Zemen Bank currently has 43 branches.