Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CBO) has registered it’s highest profit to date, 1.5 billion birr before tax. The bank managed to reach 6.2 million customers.

The bank’s total revenue increased to 5.7 billion birr which is 57% higher than the previous year’s revenue. The total deposit of the bank reached 45.5 billion birr which saw an increase of 9.3 billion birr.

The bank managed to collect 363 million usd from forex services. CBO has disperesed 18.6 billion birr worth of loans while it’s assets have reached 52.9 billion birr. The bank’s total loans disperced has reach 34 billion birr.

CBO managed to open 31 new branches out of which 13 provide sharia compliant interest free banking services. The bank’s current number of branches has reached 420.

The bank’s paid up capital has reached 3 billion birr.