Dashen Bank has amassed 10.3 billion birr revenue for the 2021 / 2020 fiscal year. The Bank earned 2.4 billion birr gross profit for the year specified.

In it’s 28th ordinary and 25th extra ordinary meeting held at Mechare Meda, the bank’s senior officials reported that the bank faced many challenges for the year such as the war in the northern part of Ethiopia and the corona virus  pandemic.

The bank managed to collect 21.1 billion birr deposit and the bank’s total deposit has reached 74.6 billion birr which has shown an increase of 39.4 % compared to the previous year. The bank’s total assets have reached 94.7 billion birr which increased by 38.7% compared to the previous year.

Interest Free Banking is also another sector of the bank the has shown considerable increase. The bank managed to collect 4.8 billion birr from interest free banking.

The bank’s total customers has reached 3 million.