Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) Reported that it earned 27.5bln birr Gross Profit for 2022/2021 FY.  This amounts to 527.48mln USD using July 29, 2022 exchange rates where 1USD = 52.1427 ETB. The profit showed an increment of 7.5 billion birr compared to the previous year. The bank’s assets reached 1.2 trillion birr (23 billion USD) making it one of the largest companies in Ethiopia.  The bank’s capital reached 59.1 bln birr (1.13bln usd) which makes it the highest capitalized bank in Ethiopia. Compared to the private banks, all the private banks combined capital is less than CBE’s capital.

The bank’s number of branches reached 1,824 while it’s number of ATMs and POS machines reached 2,766 and 4,861 respectively. The bank’s mobile banking users reached 5.9 million while CBE Birr users reached 5.4mln. The bank’s total deposit reached 890 bln birr which showed in increase of 154.9 bln. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has around 70,000 employees.