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Commercial Bank Ready to Launch Agent Banking

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia CBE BuildingThe State owned giant, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), is set to launch agent banking, CBE Birr, next month. It has already gotten approval from the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) to pilot the system.

The move comes four years after the Bank started a feasibility study to provide the service.  It enables users to

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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) earns 14.6 billion birr profit before tax for 2017 / 2016 fiscal year

The state owned financial giant, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), total assets will soon climb to a half trillion birr.
The bank disclosed in its annual performance for the 2016/17 financial that it has registered massive progresses in every aspect of the banking activity.

The biggest bank in the country stated that its assets reached to 485.7 billion birr by the end of the financial year. The capital of CBE has also reached to 40 billion birr. Recently, the government approved a capital increase.

For the year the

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CBE Registers 6.7 billion Br profit for First Half 2015 / 2016 Fiscal Year

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia ProfitCommercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) reported 6.7 billion Br profit before tax for the first half of this fiscal year. This is nearly half of the 12.8 billion Br income it bagged during the same period last fiscal year.

This performance does not include the 4.4 billion Br deposit it mobilized suddenly when it announced in January, that it

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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Puts Other Private Banks in Liquidity Crisis

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia CBE BuildingAlmost all commercial private banks found themselves confronted with liquidity crises, after suffering from what is known in the finance world as “a run on a bank” phenomenon occurred last week. It is an unusual situation where depositors demand withdrawals in unusually huge sums, with the result threatening to stall the whole

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CBE to Award Moti Engineering for 400 NCR ATMs

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) is to award NCR, an internationally renowned manufacturer, and Moti Engineering Plc, a local IT firm, the purchase and service rendering of 400 Automatic Teller Machine (ATMs), respectively, and a three year framework agreement whereby the two partners could deliver and provide service.

CBE currently has 1,027 ATMs and plans to have a total of 3,000 by 2020.

If this award leads to a contractual agreement, which could happen in two weeks’ time, it would be the second in four months that the

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