The Addis Ababa Housing Development & Administration Agency (AAHDAA), which is responsible for transferring homes to lottery winners, started signing contractual agreements last Tuesday for the 40/60 condos drawn in the recent lottery, Capital learned.

Along with AAHDAA, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has also started loan contractual agreements at their one window system service located around Megenagna.
The contractual agreement which is valid for the next 60 days will deliver 17,000 houses to their owners after they are finished in around a year.
Once people win the lottery, they go to Megenagna to sign the agreement. They must bring a copy of their savings account book for the condo, their first agreement, photos, and ID card and a certified paper saying no house is registered in their name.

In the previous condo lottery draw the houses were put in to the agreement after it was published on Addis Lisan, the Addis Ababa City Government newspaper. But the recent contractual agreement is being carried out with no publication on the newspaper for the winners in.
But the people who are registered in this scheme and saved the full money of the houses are throwing critics on AAHDAA for starting contractual agreement when some issues are still unresolved in the court.
“In the previous condo draw the people who saved the full money for the house were told that they will get a priority to win the lottery and get the houses but contrary to this procedure the agency included the people in the recent lottery who have not saved the full money and we brought the case to court and more than 2,000 houses are blocked and some other people are on the way to open file to block the houses and the agency made a mistake while the issue is still in court.’’
“As a government when something is given to somebody there must be clear environment that is not disturbing it. In case of 40/60 there is great opposition among the full amount saver but the agency is transferring it. This is by passing the law,” said some of those who paid the full amount to get the houses.

Capital asked AAHDAA why the agency has started the contractual agreement when the case is still pending at court. The agency replied that the blocked houses are just not more than 300 and the agency have a reserved house if the people who sued get verdict to get house.

Capital also asked why the agency did not start the 20/80 condo houses contractual agreement for the 37,000 houses that is drawn in this Ethiopian year.

The agency replied that there are some administrative issues that need to be resolved before the contractual agreements begin.
Currently 100,000 condo houses are being built around the disputed Koye Feteche sites and 20,000 houses of 40/60 around Bole Hayat and Bole Arabssa but over 820,000 people are waiting for homes under both plans.