Kegna Brewery which is established as part of the Oromia economic revolution that began two years ago signed a consultative service agreement with Brewtech GmbH Brewery.
The agreement was made to conduct a feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, designed development, installation of the machines, marketing up to the stage of testing the beer.

The agreement was signed between Jobst Meier zu Biensen, Managing director of Brewtech and Neway Megersa managing director of Kenga in the presence of delegates of the company and board members of Kegna Brewery SC.
“The agreement comes to life after a long and strong negotiation with deep analysis of every single step and document,” said Neway Megersa an architect of the Oromia economic revolution.

The Oromia economic revolution is the fruit of Oromia scholars coming together in order to alleviate the economic problems of the region and the country after studying and implementing strategic sectors of the region’s resources.
The plant is going to be built in Ginchi Town of west Oromia region which is some 83km west of Addis Ababa with the cost of 5.5 billion birr.

The factory will occupy 101 hectares of land to brew beer and other beverages like juice and bottled water.
At full capacity, the factory will produce three million hectoliters of beer per annum. The factory is also expected to create job opportunities for 3,500 people.

The company has around 5,000 shareholders including farmers, and has 1.5 billion birr in subscribed capital.
The other companies that are working under the umbrella of the Oromia economic revolution are Wellabu Construction Odda Integrated Transport Service and Kegna Agricultural Machine Assembly Factory.
Welabu Construction is constructing the Shashamane Industrial Park and is also engaged in the construction of real estate which can create jobs for more than 5,000 people.

The company already assigned board members chaired by Tolosa Gedefa and comprised of Juneddin Basha, former Head of Ethiopian Football Federation and a long-time manager of Harer Brewery and Mesele Haile owner and manager of Country Club Developers.

According to the agreement Brewtech will finalize the project in 24 months.
“Brewtech is not new to the Ethiopian beer industry and we will deliver the best quality of beer,” Jobst Meier zu Biensen, Managing Director of Brewtech said.

Brewtech has 50 years of experience in the brewery industry and has an office in West Africa.