Update – April 14, 2020

There are now 82 confirmed cases as of April 14, 2020. The total number of tests performed as reached 4,500.



Update – April 03, 2020

The total laboratory test conducted within twenty-four hours as of April 03, 2020, is 74; of this six of them are confirmed for COVID-19 making the total number of cases Thirty-five. 5 of the patients were found in Addis Ababa while the other one, a 33 year old female was found Dire Dawa. All of the confirmed cases are Ethiopians and their details are presented below.

S.No Residence Age Sex Travel history to abroad Contact With confirmed case
1 Addis Ababa 35 Male Yes (Returned from Dubai March 19th)
2 Addis Ababa 28 Male No Yes
3 Dire Dawa 33 Female No Yes
4 Addis Ababa 56 Male No Under Investigation
5 Addis Ababa 30 Male No Under Investigation
6 Addis Ababa 30 Male Yes (Returned from Dubai March 17th)


Situational Update as of April 03, 2020  11:20 am

Total laboratory test conducted 1222
Number of confirmed cases today 6
Total Patients of Covid-19 in treatment center 30
Patients in intensive care 2
Recovered 3
Returned to their country 2
Total confirmed cases as of today 35

The Ministry of Health and Ethiopian Public Health Institute would like to advise the public if any person who had contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients should immediately call 8335 or 952 or report to the regional toll free lines or to the nearby health facilities. Furthermore, everyone is advised to avoid any mass gathering, to apply all precaution measures such us hand washing with soap, maintain physical distancing (at least 1 meter).
For more information please call to the free toll line 8335 and 952 or to regular phone 0118276796