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20/80 & 10/90 Condominium lottery held for 39,000 condos on August 06, 2016

20 80 and 10 90 condominium lottery draw in addis ababa Ethiopia august 2016

August 06 2016 addis ababa ethiopia Condominium transfer to home owners

UPDATE [JULY 04, 2017] -  CBE to hold lottery draw ceremony for 40/60 Condominium houses in Addis Ababa on July 08, 2017

According to reports, the Addis Ababa City Administration Housing Management Agency handed over 39,249 condominium houses to winners on Sunday August 06, 2016 (Nehase 01, 2008). 

It was reported that women and government employees were given 30% and 20% more chance for the lottery draw. It was also reported that out of the people registered under 10/90 condominium scheme, everyone except 2,111 people who have discontinued saving money, got their condominium houses. People included on the lottery draw were the ones who have continuously saved for 29 months or people who haven't stopped saving for more than 6 months.

It was said that 1,717 condominium houses have been built for business purposes. An estimated 8 Billion birr was spent for the development of the condominium units while another 9 billion was spent on developing infrastructure around the condominiums. 

The condominium units are located in Kilinto, Bole Arabsa Lideta Kirkos and Project 15 Sites, Koyo Fiche, Bole Hayat Sites 3, 4 and 5.

46 day care centers, 14 primary schools, 6 secondary schools, 4 health centers are in their final stages of construction. 

Green areas and public parks are also in their final stages of construction. 89 common buildings and 72 kilo meters of road have also been completed. 

40/60 condominium house lottery draw has been delayed for an unspecified period. 


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