One of the largest and most popular bank in Ethiopia, Dashen Bank has reported that it has earned 1.3 billion birr gross profit for 2019 / 2018 budget year. The net profit of the bank now stands at 1.01 billion birr. The bank started it’s operation more than 24 years ago.

Next to Awash Bank, the bank is the 2nd most profitable bank in Ethiopia. While the bank managed to increase it’s net profit by 87.8 million birr, the EPS (Earning per share) of the bank fell from 430 birr to 408 birr.

The bank managed to collect 8.7 billion birr worth of deposit this year, increasing it’s total deposits to 44.7 billion birr. Total customers of the Bank have reached 2.2 million birr.

The bank managed to collect 536.2 million USD from foreign currency dealings. Total assets of the bank have reached 56.2 billion birr while the bank’s total income for the budget year reached 5.6 billion birr.

Dashen Bank currently has 418 branches and more than 9,700 employees. The number of ATMs owned by the bank have reached 355, which is the largest for private banks in Ethiopia.