Awash Bank has introduced a new scale adjustment on salaries and gave a bonus to employees after registering its highest gross profit of 4.2 billion Br in the just ended fiscal year. The new adjustment, which was made after conducting market assessment research, increased the salaries of some employees by as high as 170pc and the  average employee 103pc. The highest percentage is made for level one employees, including security and cleaning staff and newly recruited employees among 20 levels.  However, the percentage raise depends on high graded branches and job positions. “My salary was raised from 15,000 Br to 22,600 Br,” said Mideksa Demise, a customer service manager at Awash Bank’s Temenja Yazh branch. Awash, which last altered its adjustment scale in 2017, has also issued a two to four-month salary bonus after analysing the performance of employees conducted during the assessment. “The Bank has given a pleasing raise for all of its workers,” said Ebisa Deribie, director of marketing and communications at Awash Bank. “Recently, the Bank has given shares to 500 employees to create an attachment between the bank and its workers.” Established in 1994 with a paid capital of 24.2 million Br, Awash’s paid-up capital has now reached 5.87 billion Br.