Most banks in Ethiopia are releasing their annual report for 2022 / 2021 G.C (2014 E.C) budget year which ended on June 30, 2022 G.C (ሰኔ 2014). We have compiled this report and estimated the figures of remaining banks by carefully analyzing previous year’s performance and current year’s quarterly or half-year reports. The following table will be adjusted whenever new and verified information is available.

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Newly formed banks which are providing regular and interest free banking services as well as saving and credit associations which were providing micro finance services that grew into a bank will release their financial report for the first time as a bank. Other banks which started their operations in the current fiscal year will release their financial report next year after June 2023 (ሰኔ 2015). Newly formed banks are Amhara Bank, Ahadu Bank, Tsehay Bank, Goh Betoch Bank, ZamZam Bank, Gadaa Bank and Hijira Bank while micro finance institutions that grew into a bank include Tsedey Bank, Siinqee Bank, Shabelle Bank, Omo Bank and Sidama Bank.


  • [f/መ] – Final audited report by the bank / የመጨረሻ ባንኩ እራሱ ወይም ሌላ የዜና ተቋም ረፖርት ያደረገው
  • [r/ሪ] – Unaudited draft report by the bank / በሶስተኛ ወገን ምርመራ ያልተረጋገጠ ባንኩ እራሱ ወይም ሌላ የዜና ተቋም ረፖርት ያደረገው
  • [e/ግ] – Estimation by our team / ግምት
  • [1st/፩ኛ] – First year of operation / ስራ ከጀመረ የመጀመርያው ሪፖርት
  • [b/ተ] – Before other deductables / ከሌሎች ተቀናሾች በፊት
Rank / ደረጃ Bank / ባንክ Gross Profit /  ያልተጣራ ትርፍ Profit After Tax (Net Profit /  Earning) in Ethiopian Birr / የተጣራ ከግብር ቦኃላ ትርፍ በኢትዮጵያ ብር Reference / ማስታወሻ
1 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) 27.5 bln [r,b]
2 Awash Bank 7.45 bln [f] 5.34 bln [f]
3 Abyssinia Bank 4.6 bln [f] 3.2 bln [f]
4 Dashen Bank 3.8 bln [f] 2.9 bln [f]
5 Cooperative Bank of Oromia 2.84 bln [f] 2.04 [f]
6 Zemen Bank 2.01 bln [f] 1.47 bln [f]
7 Hibret Bank 1.88 bln [f] 1.09 bln [f]
8 Nib International Bank 1.76 bln [f] 1.34 bln [f]
9 Oromia Bank 1.52 bln [f] 1.2 [f]
10 Abay Bank 1.3 bln [f] 933.6 mln [f]
11 Bunna Bank 1.19 bln [f] 881.36 mln [f]
12 Berhan Bank 583.4 mln [f] 478.5 mln [f]
13 Wegagen Bank 572 [f] 551.34 [f]
14 Addis International Bank 472.8 [f] 344.9 [f]
15 Enat Bank 377 mln [f] 185 mln [f]
16 Debub Global Bank 370 mln [f] 277.1 mln [f]
17 Lion (Anbessa) International Bank 310.6 mln [f] 268.8 mln [f]
18 Goh Betoch Bank 7.9 mln [f] 7.9 mln [f]
19 Hijira Bank -143 mln [f] -143 mln [f]

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Sources: Official Bank Statements