Berhan Bank reported in it’s 11th annual ordinary shareholder meeting, that the bank’s total deposit reached 16.6 billion birr, which is an 11% increase compared to the previous year. Total number of depositors of the bank reached 789,000 which was 650,000 showing a 20% increase.

Total loans dispersed reached 12.7 billion birr which showed a 24.5% increase compared to last year’s 10.2 billion birr. The bank managed to collect 155.7 USD in forex from various sources.

The bank’s total assets reached 21.4 billion birr showing an increase of 11.4% compared to the previous year. Paid up capital of the bank increased from 2 billion birr to 2.4 billion birr while total capital increased from 2.79 billion to 3.4 billion birr.

The bank earned 2.8 billion birr income for the year under review out of which 2 billion was earned form interest payment while 800 million was earned from other income sources.

The bank’s expenses grew from 1.6 billion for the previous year to 2.1 billion birr for the current year.

Accordingly, the managed to earn a gross profit 707.5 million birr and a net profit of 553.1 million birr. The Bank’s earning per share (EPS) reached 258.8 birr showing a very small increase compared to the previous which was 246.5.

The bank hired 847 new employees in the year under review making the total number of employees 4,572.

Berhan Bank managed to open 31 additional branches during the previous year increasing it’s total number of branches to 231.