The one and only mortgage bank, Goh Betoch Bank, concludes the financial year with bright books, meanwhile it in fact operated for few months.
The bank which officially opened its doors on October 25, 2021 disclosed that the financial year that ended on June 30, 2022 was primarily used to finalize the formation process and create operational capacities like recruiting personnel, providing trainings, emplace core banking and data center facilities and others.
In the first months, the mortgage bank was also fully working on a five year strategy that was conducted in collaboration with HST Consulting PLC, a prominent consultancy firm.

Mulugeta Asmare, founding President of Goh Betoch Bank, said, adding, “We have also provided services to customers and have been able to mobilize deposits, provide loans, as well as facilitating some other operations like forex.”

The bank that has four branches including the one in Dire Dawa began providing loans in the fourth quarter of the financial year and disbursed over 300 million birr in this short period, while the deposit mobilization was about 260 million birr.
62 percent of Goh’s deposit mobilization is tending to savings for mortgage, which is its specialization even though it provides other basic commercial banking services.

In the financial year under review, the bank was able to conclude under a positive balance sheet, which is not common in the sector, “Compared with the period where we commenced our real operations, such types of success is quite rare.”
“We have been working to manage our expense. Thus for the closed period, we have attained to cover our costs including organizational expenses that were incurred starting from the under-formational processes, which started in 2019,” the President said.

“Despite working for a few months under limited scale, our income has surpassed the expenses, reeling in profits of 6.3 million birr,” he explained.
As a mortgage firm, the bank may not have a priority to run extraordinary ways of opening branches and in the current financial year it has targeted to double its branch number to including major cities like Hawassa and Bahir Dar.
Currently, the bank that has 127 staffs has four branches in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa.