Private Banks in Ethiopia Latest News


Hijira Bank’s Board Receive Approval

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has given the green light to the founding board of directors of Hijra, the second under establishment, full-fledged interest-free bank in the country. Issued on September 14, 2020, under the signature of Frezer Ayalew, director of banking supervision at the central bank, the letter approved the nomination of the 13 board members drawn from the academia, law, ICT, finance and business arenas.

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Hossana Bank, a new private bank to be established

Hossana Bank S.C is a new bank under formation set to join the evergrowing banking sector. By organizing all of its capital, financial, technological, and human resources, the bank has reached the final stages of “under-formation” status and is awaiting finalization from the national bank.

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