UPDATE [June 23, 2018] – A bomb exploded on Dr Abiy Ahmed’s Support Rally (Demonstration) in Mesqel Square on June 23, 2018

A peaceful demonstration is said to be held in Addis Ababa next Saturday in support of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Organizers of the rally told the media that the rally that intended to show solidarity to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will take place at Meskel square.

The rally is aimed at appreciating the changes that have brought so far by the prime minister since he took office in April and show solidarity to the PM in his efforts to realize reform in the country.

Ethiopians without any political, religious and ethnic difference will attend the rally to show their solidarity with the Prime Minister, they said.

The organizers claimed that the new Premier, who shows strong passion and commitment in restoring peace, stability and bringing change, needs to get support from the public in order to sustain the ongoing change.

The organizers, who requested for permission, expressed hope that they will get the permission to hold the rally.

Source: ENA